FEDERATION ENTERTAINMENT acquires international rights to SPITFIRE (original title: TREUFOC), a 20 X 52’ thriller series produced by IB3

Paris, 26 January 2018

Federation Entertainment has acquired international distribution rights to SPITFIRE (international working title. Original title: TREUFOC), a 20 X 52’ dark thriller shot in Mallorca where an ancient war between old families resurfaces.


Shot in Catalan on the Mallorca island, the series (2 seasons of 10 episodes each, produced in 2017 and 2018) is produced by IB3, the public television of the Balearic Islands. The second season is currently in production, for a launch within the next weeks on IB3.

The series focuses on a special police unit who investigate cases of murders that are happening in Mallorca and are copycats of murders that took place in the 17th century between old rival families. Two police officers, with the help of a forensic and a computer expert, will be hunting a murderer who selects the victims, powerful and influential people with an obscure past.

Full of chilling twists and revelations, SPITFIRE also startles in its unexpectedly bleak, urban portrayal of Majorca’ seedy and industrialized underbelly.

INTO THE FIRE is directed by Lluis Prieto, Toti Garcia and David Mataro, with Queralt Albinyana, Paloma Navarro and Aina Jagla in the leading roles.

FEDERATION ENTERTAINMENT holds worldwide rights to the series (except Spain).



Federation Entertainment

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Federation Entertainment currently has 12 series in production including the second season of Netflix France’s first original series “Marseille,” starring Gerard Depardieu with acclaimed writer Dan Franck and director Florent Emilio Siri; the award-winning original series in production on a third season for Canal +, “Le Bureau des Légendes/The Bureau.”; Oliver Goldstick’s “The Collection,” a co-production with Lookout Point for BBC Worldwide and Amazon’s first UK original drama; the award winning Israeli thriller, “Hostages” for Channel 10 & Canal +; Hit Belgian drama, “The Break”; and breakout Finnish series for YLE, “Bordertown.” Additionally, Federation has a number of high profile series in development for both U.S. and international audiences.




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