Federation Entertainment acquires worldwide rights to the series RED LIGHT, CHEYENNE & LOLA and PARTISAN


Federation Entertainment acquires worldwide rights to the series 

RED LIGHT, featuring Carine Van Houten, Halina Reijn and Maaike Neuville. An Eyeworks (Belgium) and Hollands Licht (The Netherlands) co-production


CHEYENNE AND LOLA, starring Veerle Beatens and Charlotte Le Bon, marking the first original series for French streamer OCS. 

A Lincoln TV and Orange Studio co-production


Two event series selected for the official competition of CANNESERIES 2020, as well as a third series distributed by Federation: PARTISAN.


For Immediate Release

Paris, 22nd September 2020


FEDERATION ENTERTAINMENT has secured worldwide rights to two event fiction series: RED LIGHT (10 x 1 hr, Belgium/The Netherlands) and CHEYENNE & LOLA (8 x 1 hr, France). Two very different series with one thing in common – they both honour female characters via unique and powerful storylines.


CHEYENNE & LOLA and RED LIGHT have been selected for the CANNESERIES official competition, as well as PARTISAN, another series also distributed by Federation that was previously announced when the event was scheduled to take place back in April.




  • Fate draws three women together just as they have reached a tipping point in their lives. A high-octane immersive thriller that takes us into the dark world of prostitution.
  • Starring Carice Van Houten, known for her iconic role in Game of Thrones.


RED LIGHT (10 X 52’) is the latest series produced by Eyeworks (The Twelve, Floodland) and Hollands Licht, for VTM (Belgium) and BNNVARA (The Netherlands). Starring Carice Van Houten (Game of Thrones, Black Book, Instinct), Maaike Neuville (The Twelve, Ghost Tropic), and Halina Reijn (Instinct).  Carine Van Houten and Halina Reijn are executive producers, with Rijn also a co-writer for the series.


Synopsis: Red Light portray three women with completely different background whose lives unexpectedly intertwine. Sylvia, a prostitute, runs a brothel with her shady boyfriend / pimp in Antwerp’s Red Light district. Esther is a well-known soprano and comes from a healthy environment. Evi is a cop and mother trying to combine a major case with her family life. When Esther’s husband, a well-known philosophy professor suddenly goes missing, their destinies become intertwined.  These women turn to each other in order to escape the trap they have fallen into, and liberate themselves from the control of the men in their lives.


RED LIGHT is co-directed by Wouter Bouvijn (who featured in the 2019 CANNESERIES for The Twelve) and Anke Blondé (The Best of Dorien B).  The screenplay is written by author and novelist Esther Gerritsen (Instinct) alongside Christophe Dirickx (Tabula Rasa), Frank Ketelaar (StuckClamp), and Halina Reijn, who plays Esther.


The series is produced by Peter Bouckaert and Gunter Schmid (Eyeworks, WB groupe, Belgium) and Nelsje Musch-Elzinga, Mark Furstner and Erwin Godschalk (Hollands Licht, The Netherlands), in co-production with Man Up Film, DPG Media and BNNVARA.


With the support of Flanders Audiovisual Fund/Mediafonds, the Netherlands Film Production Incentive and the Belgian Tax Shelter incentive, in collaboration with SCIO Productions.


Federation has secured worldwide rights to the series.





  • An intense thriller/modern day social Western sees two young women who couldn’t be more different, drawn into a disturbing situation that they turn to their advantage.
  • Starring Veerle Baetens and Charlotte Le Bon.


CHEYENNE & LOLA marks the first original series for OCS.  Written by Virginie Brac (Spiral, Tony’s Revenge, Paris..) and directed by Eshref Reybouck (Undercover, Marsman, Hassel), the 8 x 52’ series is produced by Marc Missonnier and Christine de Bourbon Busset at Lincoln TV (Mirage, Pigalle La Nuit, Les Beaux Mecs, Marguerite), in co-production with Orange Studio.


A type of ‘Sisters on the Road’ / Thelma & Louise series driven by the two leading female characters portrayed by Veerle Baetens (Alabama Monroe, In the Name of the Land, Tabula Rasa) and Charlotte Le Bon (Yves Saint Laurent, The Stroller Strategy, Iris).

Synopsis: Cheyenne, 35, recently released from prison, is a tattoo artist who cleans the ferries between France and the UK to save money for a future life. Lola, 25, is a beautiful Parisian woman, selfish and ruthless, who has just arrived in the North of France to move in with her lover.

The past catches up with Cheyenne when she witnesses Lola killing her lover’s wife. Cheyenne assumes she’s going to be accused of the crime and Cheyenne & Lola ripen into a ruthless duo…

Different from one another, even antagonistic, Cheyenne and Lola operate quietly behind the backs of crime lords, cops, bosses, ex-husbands and lovers, to whom they present a clean, docile façade while they cheat, swindle and kill when necessary. For they have spotted a way of making big bucks in this male universe and at last get their share of the cake. And they go for it.

Federation has secured worldwide rights (outside of France) to the series which is scheduled to air on OCS later this year.




  • A cop infiltrates a seemingly luxurious Swedish Eco Farm only to discover that it is a cover-up for the worst form of human trafficking.
  • A gritty thriller starring Fares Fares.
  • The highest-rated series premiere for Viaplay since the platform was created.


Federation is delighted to have PARTISAN as a third series in competition during CANNESERIES 2020.


The series which premiered on Viaplay on the 16th of August 2020, outperformed all other premieres across all genres for the SVOD platform since it launched.


With a soundtrack that features the deeply moving and unforgettable song ‘The Partisan’ by the late Leonard Cohen, the series stars Fares Fares (Chernobyl, Westworld, Le Caire Confidentiel) and Johan Rheborg (Solsidan, Kenny Starfighter).  It is directed by Amir Chamdin, who is also known for his outstanding prowess as a director of music videos.  The screenplay is written by Hans Jörnlind, Anna Platt, Charlotte Lesche, Francesca Maraki and Dennis Magnusson.


Synopsis: Johnny (Fares Fares) finds himself in Jordnära, a friendly Swedish community that runs an organic farm that at first, appears idyllic and welcoming.  He befriends Nicole and Maria, two young girls in foster care that have been sent there for the summer. It doesn’t take long before Johnny suspects the farm as a cover for human trafficking.  The more he becomes concerned about the girls welfare, the more he gets distracted from his actual mission.  But who exactly is Johnny, and what is his true agenda?


The mini-series is produced by the Swedish trio Johanna Wennerberg, Johan Hedman and Fredrik Ljungberg (Millenium 3, Maria Wer) at Warner Bros Sweden.


Federation has secured worldwide rights outside of Scandinavia.


RED LIGHT, CHEYENNE & LOLA and PARTISAN headline Federation’s slate of series to be launched during MIPCOM 2020.


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