FEDERATION ENTERTAINMENT has acquired international rights to DON’T LEAVE ME, a 8 X 50 minutes Venetian thriller created by the talents behind GOMORRA

FEDERATION ENTERTAINMENT has acquired international rights to DON’T LEAVE ME, a 8 X 50 minutes Venetian thriller created by the talents behind GOMORRA

Paris, May 2nd, 2018

FEDERATION ENTERTAINMENT and PAYPERMOON have made an agreement whereby FEDERATION has become the worldwide international distributor and co-producer of Don’t Leave Me (original title: Non Mi Lasciare), a 8 X 50 minutes thriller that is being developed by PAYPERMOON ITALIA with Rai, and that will be produced by PAYPERMOON.

Don’t Leave me is written by the successful duo of authors Leonardo Fasoli and Maddalena Ravagli whose writing credits include the hit show Gomorra (on air since 2014) together with the US writer Gideon Yago whose credits include The Newsroom, Narcos and Quantico. They collaborated also with writers Ivano Fachin, Giovanni Galassi and Tommaso Matano.

Episodes will be shot in Venice and in Rome during autumn 2018 – winter 2018-2019.

Set in Venice, Don’t Leave Me focuses on a crime in the harsh new reality of children – the digital world increasingly becoming part of their identity. The landscape is that of an unusual Venice, seen and lived by characters that are part of the city. Set among the streets and canals of the lagoon, the series will have a decidedly iconic Italian setting while not overlooking the dark side of the city. The balance between light and warmth on one side and shadows on the other will be a major feature of the series.

The show is a crime story, but it is also an atypical love story between a woman and a man who fight side by side to reveal the truth and protect the innocence of childhood; and an intense love story between a mother and her son. Deputy Commissioner Elena Zonin is a single mother who has just returned with her son to Venice, her hometown, where she manages the homicide department. There, she meets a desperate woman whose son was killed and who begs for justice to be done. Elena ventures on this dangerous investigation with her colleague Nicola Vianello, a man who is her opposite personality-wise. Darkness does not scare Nicola, nor does it scare Elena. Evil has already hit her. She bears an open wound that she keeps carefully hidden. Her son – whom she says does not leave her side – died two years ago.


FEDERATION ENTERTAINMENT handles the worldwide rights – except Italy first window – to this compelling series. Delivery is expected mid-2019.

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