Federation Entertainment launches Premium Documentary business with outstanding docu series embedded in World Cup Soccer Winner’s team for Amazon and TF1

« Les Bleus 2018, au coeur de l’épopée Russe »

A deep dive inside the epic journey of the French team during the Moscow World Cup produced for AMAZON (WW) and TF1

In coproduction with the French Football Federation (FFF) and Yvette Productions.



Paris, July 16th 2018


For immediate release.

Federation Entertainment (Pascal Breton, Lionel Uzan) and Yvette Production (Raphaël Uzan) entered into an exclusive partnership last spring with the French Football Federation to coproduce Les Bleus 2018, Au Cœur de l’Épopée Russe.

This unique docu-series, which gives us an insider’s view into the preparation of the 2018 World Football championship, will be broadcast in its full 2-hour version on July 17th during prime-time on leading European broadcaster TF1.

It will then be available to stream from July 20th on the platform Amazon Prime Video France in a 4 X 30 min version. The platform acquired second window rights in France and first window rights in the rest of the world. The show will be available to stream internationally starting October 1st 2018, except Brazil where it will be released on January 1st, 2019.

This exceptional production tells the story of a fantastic sport and human adventure. Federation Entertainment is proud to launch with it its documentary department.  Until today mostly known for its premium drama and youth productions (via its branch Cottonwood Media), Federation Entertainment is now extending its successful strategy to new genres, always aiming to produce exclusive, high-quality creations with a global outreach.

Despite its timely production, LES BLEUS 2018, Au Cœur de l’Epopée Russe is indeed a premium documentary with modern and high-quality production values that match the youth and talent of a team that proved its determination to bring the trophy back home.

Emmanuel Le Ber and Théo Schuster, our two directors, have lived with the French football team for more than two months, following the athletes, their inspiring coach Didier Deschamps and their staff in their everyday preparation in Clairefontaine and in Russia. Through their eyes, we discover passionate young men, who remain focused, yet spontaneous and light-hearted, even as the pressure mounts. Each of them shows a remarkably strong spirit, as well as tireless physical capacities. The docu-series gives an honest and moving look into the intimacy and professionalism of an atypical team, of the kind that breeds winners.

The active support of the FFF, particularly its president Noël Le Graet and its managing director Florence Hardouin, was essential to the success of this unprecedented production adventure, as well as Didier Deschamps’s trust, who opened all the doors to the directors and the producers.


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About Federation Entertainment :

Based both in Paris and Los Angeles, Federation Entertainment has quickly established itself as top indie European studio. Its model of development, production, distribution and marketing is at the service of premium original contents specifically designed for global marketplace. Created and launched in 2013 by president Pascal Breton, Federation is co-headed by Lionel Uzan, CEO, and by the founders David Michel (head of Cottonwood Media, the Kids company of the group), Stephane Sperry and Serge Hayat. Thierry Sorel joined the team by the end of 2016 as head of Drama.
Federation Entertainment has established exclusive partnerships with key producers and showrunners leading to prestigious productions, such as : Le Bureau des Légendes (40 X 52’, a coproduction TOP – Les Oligarchs Productions / Federation for CANAL+ Création Originale), Marseille (16 X 52’, a Netflix Original series produced by Federation) ; The break  (20 X 52’, produced by Helicotronc and RTBF) ; Bordertown (21 X 52’, a Scandinavian thriller produced by Fisher King and Federation) ; Hostages (22 X 45’, an Israelian thriller coproduced by Yezirah Ivrit and Federation) ; Unit 42 (20 X 52’, a procedurale series coproduced by Left Field Ventures and RTBF, successfully broadcast by France 2 in January 2018) ; Bad Banks (6 X 52’, a German financial thriller coproduced by Letterbox Filmproduktion and Iris Productions for ZDF and Arte France) ; One Night (10 X 26’, an innovative dramedy produced by Viafilm – Norway – for NRK) ; and Undercover (10 X 50’, a thriller produced by De Mensen for VRT which was selected by Canneséries Festival as part of its Official Selection).