A Series Commissioned by Belgian Broadcaster RTBF in association with Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles


PARIS – Thursday 30th June, 2016

Federation Entertainment has finalised a deal with Belgian distributor Ella Productions and prodco Left Field Ventures, for the police cybercrime TV series Unit 42.  As part of the deal, Federation has secured worldwide distribution rights to the series, whilst Ella Productions retains rights for Benelux and France.  The announcement was made today by Lionel Uzan, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Federation Entertainment.

Currently in production, Unit 42, is produced by John Engel, CEO of Left Field Ventures (in association with RTBF – Belgian Television), who over the years has worked with renowned filmmakers such as Brian DePalma, Tim Burton, Neil Jordan, and Joel Schumacher, to mention a few.

Directed by Guy Goossens, Unit 42 is based on an original story by Annie Carels who also co-wrote the series alongside Julie Bertrand, Charlotte Joulia and Guy Goossens.

“This marks our second distribution venture with Ella Productions, and highlights the strength of our partnership.   Unit 42 is a unique series that contains all the gritty elements to engage an audience, whilst exploring the subject of cybercrime which is very much at the forefront of concerns in today’s technological age.  This series will no doubt appeal to a very broad demographic and global audience,” commented Lionel Uzan.

Unit 42 (10 x 52’) is a police cybercrime series which carries us through the twists and turns of the Internet and emerging technologies. Modern technology allows criminals to act in the real world, all the while shielded by their computer screens. The police’s Digital Unit therefore combines field investigations and virtual expeditions using a unique duo: Sam, a cop newly transferred from the homicide bureau (and not particularly tech-savvy), and Billie, a young, feisty policewoman and IT expert. They will need to collaborate, not without difficulty at first, before being able to learn from each other.  For behind each case of cyber criminality, first and foremost, lies a human story to be told.

About Federation Entertainment:

With offices in Paris and Los Angeles, Federation Entertainment heralds a new model for the

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programming for the global marketplace. A fully-integrated television studio, Federation Entertainment is comprised of exclusive partnerships with several of the industry’s most celebrated executives, producers and showrunners.  Established by leading French entertainment executive Pascal Breton, Federation is run by Managing Director and partner Lionel Uzan and Founding Partners David Michel, Stéphane Sperry & Serge Hayat.

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