66th North Precinct

Corruption, family life and boxing in the wild exotic North.

Detective Inspector Maria Pudasis is an ex world champion boxer who, with the help of her partner Samu, solves crimes all over the unforgiving yet beautiful Nordic landscape. She lives in Rovaniemi, Finland, with her wife Essi and their two children, Leo and Sofia. She loves her family very much and often plays pranks on them to cope with her tough, exhausting job. Maria is a good detective, though Essi wished she was more at home than at work. However, while on the surface she appears very content and secure, she misses boxing and its adrenaline rush. So when she has the chance to get back in the ring to try and fix her father’s debts, she barely has any hesitation, and choses to keep it secret from her wife…

Best series at the Festival de Fiction de la Rochelle 2022.




Genre: Procedural Crime Series
Format: 8×45′
Created by Olli Haikka and Timo Varpio
Directed by Timo Varpio
Produced by Yellow Films & TV
Original Broadcaster: YLE
Cast: Saara Kotkaniemi, Katariina Kaitues, Iina Kuustonen, Eero Saarinen, Heikki Ranta, Karim Rapatti
Language: Finnish
Year of production: 2021
International Sales: Federation, in partnership with Nordisk