One evening, Clara, her daughter, Lily, and granddaughter, Felicia, are forced to flee Montreal, and disappear to a small town in scenic Quebec, called Beltane. Clara must enlist the help of her son, Arnaud, a renowned notary there, who aspires to only one thing: a normal, tidy life with his wife and son -but neither Arnaud nor his family, the Jacobs, are normal.
The return of Clara and Lily in Beltane causes a stir. They left quietly 13 years ago after mysterious events shocked the inhabitants. This time, they trigger violent revenge from Lily’s lover, mistrust from neighbors and the suspicion of a police investigator….but only Clara can perceive the real threat: merciless persecution by a relentless stalker, out to kill them.

This psychological thriller enthralls the viewer with the Jacob’s drama, as they discover and try to resist their gifts. The series is shot with elegance and attention to light and color, with an aversion to the overuse of special effects. The extraordinary evolves beside the ordinary, with atmosphere and simple gestures masterfully conveying a fantastic world. The result is unbearable suspense…


Genre: Psychological Thriller
Format: 10×60′
Producers: Encore Télévision Inc.
International Sales: Federation Entertainment

Broadcasters: AddikTV
Countries: Canada
Production Years: 2016