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Boreales Federation announces new landmark production “The Cold Rush”, a must-see series in the current climate context

Boréales Federation announces new landmark production

“The Cold Rush”,

 A must-see series in the current climate context

Paris, September 27th, 2022 For Immediate release Boréales Federation, the label dedicated to the production of premium documentary series and films adressing nature and environmental issues, created by Frédéric Fougea and Federation Studios in 2021, announces the launch of The Cold Rush, their new landmark documentary series after Mediterranean, Life Under Siege. The year 2022 has shattered many temperature records around the world, It was the bearer of many natural disasters: fires in France, floods in Pakistan and elsewhere, hurricanes in the Caribbean’s… and these phenomena are bound to intensify. In this context, the series addresses with acuity the subject of the adaptability of living nature to global warming. On every continent, on land, at sea, in the air, climate change is an omnipresent enemy. Its demonstrations take the shape of devastating wildfires, monstrous storms, extreme floods, repeated heat waves and lasting droughts. In this context, the series focuses on the fate of animals and plants, which must leave while there is still time. They rush towards the poles, climb mountains, sink deep into the oceans. It’s the greatest upheaval the living world has experienced for thousands of years. Species that never previously mixed must learn to live together. New ecosystems are emerging. The Cold Rush draws on recent scientific works, including those presented in the series of conferences “Species on the Move” and those of the international consortium “Bioshifts”, which reveal that more than 50% of animal and plant species are forced to change and adapt their natural habitat due to climate change. Boréales Federation is headed by Fred Fougea, a renowned producer of high-quality wildlife documentaries with committed messages. The previous co-production of Boreales Federation, Mediterranean, Life Under Siege, is an ode to the protection of the oceans carried by the free-diving champion Guillaume Néry, broadcasted in spring 2022 in prime time on France Televisions and sold to 40 countries. Mediterranean, Life Under Siege is currently nominated at the Wildscreen Panda Awards, the most renowned competition of animal documentaries, for the award of Best Series from the last 2 years. It is the first time a French series accesses this very prestigious selection. Press contacts: Valérie Tailland valérie.tailland@fedent.com / +33 6 82 57 06 09 Cynthia Torosjan cynthia.torosjan@fedent.com / +33 6 19 47 68 35   About Federation Studios: Led by Pascal Breton and Lionel Uzan, Federation heralds a new breed of independent European studios, focusing on the creation, production, financing and distribution of high-quality original productions for the global marketplace. Previously Federation Entertainment, Federation Studios works with the best worldwide talents and partners in the industry to create a strong distribution portfolio as well as an array of premium international productions. Only nine years after its creation, the production and distribution studio based in Paris, Los Angeles, Rome, Madrid, London, Berlin, Cologne, Brussels, and Tel-Aviv boasts 230 full time employees, a number which continues to grow monthly. Active in the drama, kids & family, documentary and light entertainment space, Federation works with all platforms and major broadcasters in the market. Its rich portfolio includes major award-winning and international successes such as the cult spy series The Bureau (50 X 52’), the financial thriller Bad Banks (12 x 52’), the Netflix original hit series Baby (now 3 seasons), the premium live action hit for tweens Find Me In Paris (78 X 26′), Around the World in 80 Days starring David Tennant, produced for the European Alliance (France Televisions, ZDF, Rai), BBC and PBS Masterpiece; as well as Varane, Destin de Champion (Amazon Prime-Video) and Nadia (Canal+), to name a few. https://federationstudios.com/ About Boréales : Founded in 1987 by Fred Fougea, Boréales is one of the most established European production company in terms of high-end nature and science films. Fred Fougea’s expertise and high standards have made each of his programs prestigious films with great audience successes, broadcasted on the most renowned international channels (FR2, BBC, ZDF, NHK, etc.). Thanks to a strong network of partners and its ability to bring together the best talents, Boréales is now known as a leading production company for premium documentaries, exceptional prime-time programs and international successes. https://www.boreales.com/
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