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Ecran Total 2023’ Fiction Producers Ranking: Federation Studio France leads as top indie production company in France, and Federation Studios, ranks 2nd in the fiction groups.

Once again,  Federation’s productions have dominated the primetime slots across French channels and streaming platforms.

As per last year, in terms of companies, Federation Studio France holds the top position with no less than 30 hours of programming broadcast between September 2022 and August 2023, including series such as Deadly Tropics, Bardot, Six Women and One of Us.

Other subsidiary Federation prodcos also fared well in the rankings. Cottonwood Media is listed as one of the top 10producers for its kids live action series Theodosia and Circuit Breakers, whilst Cheyenne Federation holds 11th position with The Brigade and Notre Dame and CALT made its way to the 22nd position with Les Amateurs, Profession Comédien and Camera Café.

In terms of production groups, Federation Studios ranks second amongst all French companies notching up 66hrs and 38mins (+3h since the last ranking).

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