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Federation reaches new heights as TV viewing figures skyrocket, following the recent roll-out of numerous shows across French TV screens.

As summer approaches, Federation looks back at recent TV audience figures that have set records over the past months on France Televisions (Deadly Tropics, A Case for Kin, Bardot), TF1 (One of Us, Six Women) and CANAL+ (The Brigade). This spring,  viewers have also enjoyed watching high-end documentaries such as Re-belles, The Last Tribe, Vibrant, Wall of Death Gypsy produced by Federation Studios and its in-house subsidiaries.

5 million watched Mercer Production’s procedural dramedy  “A Case of Kin” on France Televisions. A second episode of the show is currently in production.

4.7 million watched the 1st episode of the 4th season of Deadly Tropics on France Televisions. The continuing Federation series is an all-time leader and was only beaten once by a qualifying match of the French soccer team beginning of June.

4.9 million followed the coming-of-age dramedy One of Us and whilst 5.5m viewers followed the emotive and arduous trek by a group of female hikers in Six Women, which aired on TF1. Both series were produced by Federation’s new label Habanita Federation, led by Fanny Riedberger.

3.3 million tuned into Bardot premiere, the much-anticipated drama series by Federation about French icon Brigitte Bardot.

The Brigade, produced by Cheyenne Federation gathered the largest audience share for Canal+ Original series in 4 years, whilst Good People gifted Arte with its biggest audience on a Thursday night.

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