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Federation Studios and Ananey Studios to produce a documentary about the Sexual Crimes Committed on October 7th.

From Award-winning Filmmaker Benoît Bringer

Paris, February 6th, 2024

Critically acclaimed filmmaker and investigative journalist Benoît Bringer (The Rise of Wagner, The Caviar Connection, Panama Papers: The Hold-Up of the Century, MH370 Missing), will direct Forever Shattered (working title), an international documentary film co-produced by Federation Studios and Ananey Studios.

The documentary will investigate the sexual crimes committed during the October 7th attacks, focusing on the use of rape and sexual terror as weapons of war by Hamas, aimed to inflict physical, emotional, and psychological trauma on women, children, and men.

Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7th resulted in approximately 1,200 murders, 11,500 injuries, and 250 individuals taken hostage. During and after the attack, countless cases of systematic sexual violence, particularly against women and girls, were reported and documented, at the Nova party, and in the kibbutzim (collective rural communities specific to Israel) and villages. The documentary will delve deep into these events based on evidence, research, and investigation, and will also follow the victims’ journeys to recovery.

Benoît Bringer: “In the aftermath of October 7th, a battle for the truth began in Israel: a historical mission to independently document what happened, especially to women, during this day of terror. The project investigates the immensely difficult quest to establish facts and make the world aware of gender-based crime as a weapon of war.”

About Benoît Bringer

Benoît Bringer is an award-winning French filmmaker and author. His documentaries have been selected at prestigious festivals including Hotdocs in Canada, DOC NYC and Palm Spring Film Festival in USA, CPH:DOX in Denmark, as well as leading French documentary festival, FIPADOC. In a highly cinematic style, Bringer’s films tell inspiring, often intimate stories. Several, such as “The Rise of Wagner” or “The Caviar Connection” address critical human rights issues.

As an investigative journalist, Bringer is a member of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) team that received the Pulitzer Prize for the Panama Papers investigation.

Before becoming an independent filmmaker, Bringer covered the war against talibans in Pakistan and Afghanistan for French public radio, and the French-German public TV channel Arte.

About Myriam Weil

As the Head of the Documentary department since its creation in 2018, Myriam Weil produces and co-produces feature documentaries or series for linear channels, streamers, and cinema, such as “Nadia”, a feature doc directed by Anissa Bonnefont (nominated for the 2022 International Emmy Awards), “Peter Doherty: Stranger in my own skin” by Katia deVidas, or “MH370 Missing”, a docu series directed by Benoît Bringer. Among many other projects, Weil is currently coproducing a feature doc about life in the French Embassy in Afghanistan during the fall of Kabul, and several series in the sports and true crime space for international streamers.

About Ananey Studios

Ananey Studios is an award-winning Tel Aviv based studio that develops and produces inventive content spanning a variety of genres and target demos from live-action preschool shows to high-concept dramas, kids’ and teens’ must-watch TV shows, sitcoms, animation, documentaries, lifestyle programs and formats. Ananey Studios’ content has reached major international platforms (including Netflix, Nickelodeon, MTV, CBBC, and HBO). We aim to promote the greatest talents and creative forces in the thriving Israeli market while maintaining the highest standards of production values. Ananey Studios is a Paramount company.

About Federation Studios

Led by Pascal Breton, CEO, and Lionel Uzan and Marco Chimenz, co-MDs, Federation Studios heralds a new breed of independent European studios, focusing on the creation, production, financing, and distribution of high-quality original productions for the global marketplace. Federation Studios works with the best worldwide talents and partners in the industry to create a strong distribution portfolio as well as an array of premium international productions. Only nine years after its creation, the production and distribution studio is based in Paris, Los Angeles, Rome, Madrid, London, Berlin, Cologne and Tel-Aviv. Active in the drama, kids & family, documentary and cinema space, the group boasts 250 full time employees, a number which continues to grow monthly.

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