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Federation Studios launches new prodco LAPINXA PRODUCTION, set up by prominent TV executive Laetitia Recayte

LOCKED UP (‘LES RECLUS’), a documentary miniseries for CANAL+ Doc, marks the first production of Laetitia Recayte in her new role of Producer.

Paris, January 20th, 2023

For immediate release

Leading TV executive Laetitia Recayte, whose track record includes top-positions at Robin&Co, France Televisions and Newen, today announced the creation of LAPINXA PRODUCTION, a newly-launched production company within the Federation Studios galaxy.

Laetitia Recayte joined from Robin&Co (acquired by Federation Studios in February 2022) where she served as MD since January 2021.
A well-known figure in the French audiovisual landscape, Laetitia started her career as Head of Legal & Business Affairs at Marathon in 1995 (Pascal Breton’s first company, co-created with Olivier Brémond) before joining Newen in 2002, as MD of Newen Distribution, MD of prodco subsidiary Telfrance and member of the Executive Committee of Newen.

In 2015, she was elected President of TVFI (now Unifrance) and joined France Televisions alongside Delphine Ernotte Cunci, as VP of sales and development, President of France Télévisions Publicité, CEO of France TV Distribution and CEO of production subsidiary France.tvstudio.

Today she undertakes a new career as a producer. LAPINXA PRODUCTION will primarily focus on documentary series, but also on feature films and fiction series.

Laetitia Recayte’s first production, LOCKED UP (Les Reclus), is a 4 X 52′ documentary series for CANAL+ Doc, in co-production with Calt Production (Marc Stanimirovic), written and directed by novelist, writer and director Sandrine Cohen. Filming began on Thursday, January 12th.

LOCKED UP recounts one of the most fascinating stories of control and influence of all time. For ten years, eleven people from the same family lived under the sway of one man: Thierry Tilly. Convinced that they were victims of a conspiracy, they lived in seclusion, even though their door was wide open. Their blind trust in Thierry Tilly, whom they took to be their savior, led them to give him all their assets and obey him to the letter, even committing the impossible.
How did three generations of the same family fall into irrationality and horror? What are the reasons that allowed this to happen?

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