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Federation Studios Unveils Federation IP360: a one-stop shop for IPs

New hub headed by Federation’s Hannah Vidal and Stanislas Frecher

Paris, November 9th, 2023

Powerhouse Paris-based media group Federation Studios, led by Pascal Breton and Lionel Uzan, is strengthening its content strategy with the introduction of Federation IP360, a newly established hub with a 360-degree approach dedicated to scouting, acquiring, and selling intellectual properties (IPs). 

Federation IP360 will be jointly led by Hannah Vidal and Stanislas Frecher who will also continue in his role as Senior VP of Business Affairs for Federation’s distribution arm. This department will work closely with Maïda Akkas, Group Chief Acquisition & Co-Production Drama Officer, as well as Monica Levy and Guillaume Pommier, Co-Chiefs of Distribution, along with their dedicated teams.  

“Hannah and I both noticed a growing demand for IPs (scripted formats and books), originating from our Federation producers, as well as external partners. Given Federation’s commitment to pushing boundaries, we therefore saw a unique opportunity to pool our expertise and create an IP strategy that brings together both acquisitions and sales under one single hub,” said Stanislas Frecher. 

‘’ The launch of the IP 360 initiative is a perfect example of the entrepreneurial mindset that drives our entire Federation ecosystem and of the emphasis that Federation puts on IP management. It is already a profitable business which will significantly grow in the coming months and years. Stanislas and Hannah are instrumental in developing and scaling this initiative , we are proud to have these two bright Federation executives developing their entrepreneurial skills for the benefits of the entire group’’, added Lionel Uzan, Managing Director, Federation Studios.

This new department is envisioned as an all-encompassing center for IPs. First, IP360 is entrusted with scouting and acquiring third-party properties, including formats, books, podcasts, and more, to feed the creative needs of Federation’s producers worldwide (spanning France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Israel, the UK, the US, Latam and MEAC).

IP360 will also boost format revenues and unlock the full potential of Federation Studios extensive IP catalog which boasts a rich line-up of over 60 series and movies available as formats, produced by Federation, as well as third-party partners.  

Stanislas Frecher added, “When it comes to third-parties, the Federation formats catalog has already generated significant interest especially in countries such as US, UK, Germany, Italy, India, Turkey, Poland, and more.”   

Paramount-Showtime has announced the upcoming production of The Department, an American adaptation of The Bureau, the French hit originally produced by The Originals Productions and Federation Studios. This exciting project will be directed and executive produced by George Clooney, and produced with MTV Entertainment and 101 Studios. 

In recent months, Federation has successfully closed notable format deals on series with high format potential such as Caméra Café, originally produced by Jean-Yves Robin’s Calt Studio, One of Us, produced by Fanny Riedberger’s Habanita Federation, Mister 8, the Finnish series produced by It’s Alive, and Undercover, the Belgian sensation produced by Demensen. “Other remakes will be greenlit over the coming months, and we look forward to sharing more exciting news very soon,” concluded Hannah Vidal.

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