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 Ginger & Fed

Ginger & Fed is a label dedicated to international theatrical film sales created in September 2023 by Federation Studios (the group created by Pascal Breton, and co-led by Lionel Uzan and Marco Chimenz) and Sabine Chemaly, former Head of International Sales at TF1 Studio.

Ginger & Fed sprung from Sabine Chemaly and Federation Studio’s shared belief that the future holds strong potential for movie theaters, and the primary focus for the new label is to address needs according to each respective territory.  In charge of both film acquisitions and international sales, Sabine Chemaly spearhead Ginger & Fed, whilst working closely with Federation’s sales team as well as with the Business Affairs, the Servicing and Marketing teams.

Ginger & Fed will present feature films to the global market, including those produced in-house by companies within the Federation Studios galaxy such as Cheyenne Productions, Bonne Pioche, Monkey Pack Films (Robin & Co), Fabula Pictures and Vertigo Films. Ginger & Fed also aims at acquiring films from third party sources with the goal to bolster the presence and influence of French and European cinema on a worldwide stage.

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