When four masked men violently break into the Danon family home taking them hostage, the family of four will be shaken to the core and their lives changed forever.
The mysteriously masked men demand that Yael, the matriarch of this family and brilliant surgeon, kill the prime minister in what’s meant to be a routine surgery.
The clock is ticking with the operation scheduled for the following day and if the Prime
Minister is not dead, her family will be.
As we follow one woman’s battle to save both her family and the President, we are taken on a thrilling journey where nothing is what it seems.


Genre: Thriller
Format: 22×45’
ProducersSeason 1: Yezirah Ivrit | Season 2: Yezirah Ivrit & FEDERATION ENTERTAINMENT
Broadcasters: channel 10, CBS, BBC4, Canal+, SBS, 1+1, Pickbox SVOD, RTL Crime
Countries: Israel, US, UK, France, Australia, Ukraine, CEE region, Germany
Production Years
   Season 1: 2013
   Season 2: 2015
Best international drama & best actress for Ayelet Zurer at
Monte Carlo TV Festival 2014