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Bhutan: back to the roots along with Matthieu Ricard

An exclusive journey to a spiritual and unique kingdom, through the eyes of Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard.

Worldwide celebrated writer and thinker Matthieu Ricard, a Buddhist monk and passionate photographer returns to Bhutan, a small hidden kingdom in the Himalayas where he has spent 10 years of his life.

Emmy award winner filmmaker Jérome-Cécil Auffret invites us to discover this exceptional man and the country he holds most dear.

Matthieu Ricard’s status and  in-depth knowledge of Bhutan and its inhabitants enable a unique access to monasteries, secret events and the most remote breathtaking parts of the country.

As a disciple of the wisest men, he is noticing the deep change this untouched world is now experiencing mostly due to climate change. From the highest glaciers of the world, he is giving us a better understanding of mankind and the issues facing us all.

Genre: documentaries, one-offs

Format: 52'

Original title: Bhoutan: retour aux sources avec Matthieu Ricard

Directed by: Jérôme Cecil Auffret

Written by: Jérôme Cecil Auffret, Caroline Halley des Fontaines

Produced by: Mercer Productions

Original Broadcasters: ARTE

Year of production: 2022

International Sales: Federation

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