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A true story of survival and enduring brotherhood, that transcends the years.

Michel, a successful architect is finalizing a very big project when he receives a phone call informing him that his brother Patrice has suddenly disappeared. Without a word to his wife and children, Michel sets out on his brother’s trail. He knows he will find him in the deepest reaches of the Canadian Far North. There, memories of their childhood, kept as their most important secret, come rushing back. For seven years post-war, and with no sign of their mother trying to find them, 5-year-old Patrice, and 4-year-old Michel lived alone in the enchanting wilderness of the forest. When Michel finds Patrice, he understands that despite his brother living a fulfilled life, he misses the exhilaration of their exceptional childhood. Those times of freedom, but also of suffering, were his best years. The unbreakable bond between the two brothers was what allowed them to survive in the wilderness. But will it be enough to help Patrice get back on tracks ?

Genre: cinema


Original title: Frères

Directed by: Olivier Casas (Baby Phone)

Written by: Olivier Casas, in collaboration with Olivier Adam, based on a true story by Olivier Casas and Michel Lafregeyre

Produced by: Quad, Traveling Angel, Zinc

French release: 

Cast: Matthieu Kassovitz, Yvan Attal

Language: French

Year of production: 2023

International Sales: Ginger & Fed

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