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Two best mates. Two very different pasts. One rollercoaster mission.

The show unites big, emotional stories with blockbuster stunt sequences as it follows Bishop and Pike, two cops who are best friends and bonded by the same moral code, despite their very different backgrounds. Set in London, it’s a fun, authentic, action-packed ride around the city as Bishop and Pike tackle the bad guys in their own uncompromising style, all while maintaining their friendship, their relationships and taking on ghosts from the past.

Genre: drama

Format: 6 x 1h

Directed by: Nick Love, Ole Endresen, Diarmuid Goggins, Dominic LeClerc, Sarmad Masud

Written by: Nick Love, Mark Greig, Richard Zajdlic, Noel Clarke, Jerome Bucchan-Nelson, Ashley Walters

Produced by: Vertigo Films, Company Pictures, Sky

Original Broadcasters: Sky, The CW

Cast: Ashley Walters, Noel Clarke, Lashana Lynch

Language: English

Year of production: 2018 - 2021

International Sales: NBCUniversal Global Distribution

Format rights: Available

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