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Irreverent women spoof series.

Women! is a situation comedy made up of sketches of varying lengths (from 20 seconds to 3 minutes) formatted to either 6 or 26 minute sequences.

The image of today’s woman conveyed by the media is icy, glamorous, polished and sensual. She must make us dream, fantasize, buy. The language assigned to her is formatted and “agreed upon” by the consensus. In a humorous light vein, Women! attempts to explode those codes so as better to denounce them.

Genre: drama, series-drama

Format: 400x2'

Original title: Vous les Femmes

Directed by: Christian Merret Palmair

Written by: Judith Siboni, Olivia Côte

Produced by: Calt

Original Broadcasters: TEVA, M6

Cast: Judith Siboni, Olivia Côte, Fatima Adoum

Language: French

Year of production: 2010

International Sales: Federation

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