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Deadly Tropics S5

The cop duo scoring top audiences on France 2.

Seasons 6 coming soon.

In this new season, adventures continues for our two investigators! Melissa reconnects with her grandmother, Clarisse, and finally manages to grieve for her mother who committed suicide when she was a child. For Clarisse, Melissa’s problems stem from the fact that she has disconnected from her past, her history, and her island. Melissa will therefore reconnect with her culture, and above all, reconcile with herself. After narrowly escaping death,
Gaëlle cut ties with the police and settled into a post-hippie community away from the world. However, a threat looming over Thaïs will convince her to return to social life, resume her job as a cop and once again confront the dangers of her profession.

Genre: drama, series-drama

Format: 40x52'

Original title: Tropiques Criminels

Directed by: Denis Thybaud and Pascale Guerre

Written by: Eric Eider, Yvan Piettre, Denis Alamercery, Florence Combaluzier, Adeline Laffitte, Céline Decoox, Céline Ramirez, Vinciane Mokry, Mathieu Masmondet, Elise Thibault and Nicolas Vinson

Produced by: Federation Studios France

Original Broadcasters: France 2

Cast: Sonia Rolland, Béatrice de la Boulaye, Julien Beramis, Valentin Papoudof, Stephan Wojtowicz

Language: French

Year of production: 2023

International Sales: Federation Studios

Format rights: Available

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