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Gangnam Project

A coming-of-age story set in the exciting universe of K-pop.

Starring TikTok stars Paul Lee (550K followers) and Jae Kim (750K followers).

16-year-old biracial Korean teen Hannah Shin dreams of getting in touch with her Korean side. She accepts a job as an ESL teacher at an elite K-pop training school in Korea and gets much more than she bargained for. Gangnam Project is a coming-of-age K-Dramedy about a spirited Korean American teen who embarks on connecting with her Korean roots in Korea, and finds herself at complete odds with the K-pop universe she is thrust into.

Genre: kids, live-action

Format: 10x30'

Directed by: 

Produced by: Pillango Development, Cottonwood Media and Aircraft Pictures

Original Broadcasters: BBC, CBC, SRC

Language: English

Year of production: 2024

International Sales: Federation Kids & Family

Festivals & awards: Best Live Action and/or Hybrid Show at Pulcinella Award 2024

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