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The intimate story of the man behind the soccer legend.

It is time to solve the Giroud enigma.

He is the all-time top goal-scorer of the French national football team, (yes, surpassing even Thierry Henry!). He has won everything, from the World Cup (with France), to the Champions League  and Europa League, (with Chelsea), the Serie A (with AC Milan), 4 FA Cups (with Arsenal & Chelsea), Ligue 1 in France…

Yet, all throughout his career, Olivier Giroud has endured harsh criticism, contempt, a lack of confidence in him… “I never saw this level of accomplishment met with such an absence of recognition in a single man,” remarked Arsène Wenger, Giroud’s coach at Arsenal.

A talented older brother, (the “golden child,”) predestined to be the soccer champion of the family, a mother who for years, carried a troubling secret deep inside,  Giroud being bullied simply for replacing an injured Karim Benzema … These are the just some of the clues that may help solve the mystery of GIROUD…

This is a unique feature doc packed with exclusive interviews with Didier Deschamps, Arsène Wenger, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Frank Lampard, Olivier Giroud’s agent, his closest family…and of course Oliver Giroud himself.

At last, the true story of Giroud can be told… in his own words.

Genre: documentaries, feature-length

Format: 1x80'

Created by: Dominique Rouch

Directed by: David Perrier

Written by: Jean-Marc Eysseric, Dominique Rouch, David Perrier and Loïc Bouchet

Produced by: Les Bons Clients (Loïc Bouchet) and Federation Studios (Myriam Weil)

Original Broadcasters: CANAL+

Language: French, English and Italian

Year of production: 2024

International Sales: Federation Studios

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