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Hero Corp

A superheroes comedy featuring never-ending adventures, with characters’ evolving in a humorous environment.

A successful web series with 5 seasons

Following the war which broke out in the 80’s, the Hero Corp Agency was created in Montreal. The Agency ? Nothing but a cluster of unconventional superheroes aiming at maintening peace against all odds! Several locations of the agency are scattered all around the world, forming a transnational network of superheroes, linked by the sames objectives.

Genre: drama

Format: 66 x 26'

Created by: Simon Astier and Alban Lenoir

Directed by: 

Produced by: Calt Production

Original Broadcasters: France 4 and Game One

Cast: Simon Astier, Alban Lenoir, Sébastien Lalanne, Gérard Darier, Agnès Boury, Jennie-Anne Walker

Format rights: Available

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