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It’s a bare-faced cheek!

Nans and Mouts, two intrepid and good-looking adventurers, face an unlikely challenge: crossing the country in order to reach their destination and fulfill a kid’s dream. What is the price tag? They start the journey naked and will have to depend on the hospitality and generosity of those they meet on their way. The viewers of this unlikely and extravagant quest will acquire a new outlook on nature, man and travel. This show offers an amusing journey, filled with all kinds of discoveries on how to travel light and for less. But above all, it is an epic adventure with a human dimension. Nans and Mouts manage not only to enter people’s houses but also their intimate lives and thoughts, and share this way their existence for a brief moment.

Genre: documentaries

Format: 52'

Directed by: Nans Thomassey, Guillaume Mouton-Tisserand, Charlène Gravel

Written by: Nans Thomassey, Guillaume Mouton-Tisserand, Charlène Gravel

Produced by: Bonne Pioche Télévision (Yves Darondeau and Emmanuel Priou)

Original Broadcasters: France 5, TV5 Monde

Cast: Nans and Mouts

Language: French

Year of production: On-going since 2011

International Sales: Lucky You

Format rights: Available

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