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Jasmin’s World

A « Learn and Sing » show for animal lovers!

Jasmin’s World is a Direct-To-Digital Series, in 20 episodes and with 20 songs, to discover 20 animals!

Jasmin is an adorable little dog that travels the world to visit his animal friends. From Kelly the whale to Frank the pink Flamingo, the animals explain to Jasmin a few facts and characteristics that make their species fascinating.

Genre: edutainment, kids

Format: 20x2' + 20x1'

Original title: Le Monde de Jasmin

Directed by: Pauline Giacobi, Léa Grelet

Written by: Jessica Das, Emmanuel de Franceschi, Amélie Oliveau

Produced by: GO-N Productions

Original Broadcasters: YouTube

Language: English, French

Year of production: 2019

International Sales: Federation

Format rights: Available

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