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A unique take on modern relationships and the inner life of preteens everywhere.

Broadcast in 100+ countries, Lou! as become a classic in many countries.

LOU! tells the everyday life of a young girl, Lou and her friends as they enter the world of adolescence. Lou lives with her single Mom and her cat. She is no longer a child and not yet a teenager either and she wonders what lies ahead.

A sweet, charming and graphic sitcom about growing up in a big city and becoming a teenager, LOU! also addresses in a smart and subtle manner contemporary themes such as single parenthood, diversity… and BFF dynamics.

Genre: animation, kids

Format: 52x11'

Directed by: Jérôme Mouscadet

Written by: Julien Neel, Guillaume Enard

Produced by: GO-N Productions

Original Broadcasters: M6, Disney Channel France

Language: French, Spanish, Portuguese

Year of production: 2009

International Sales: Federation

Festivals & awards: Selected at Annecy Film Festival 2009, Cartoons on the Bay 2009, Sichuan TV Festival 2011

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