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For 9 months he navigated the toxic world of Men’s Hate Groups. Now, he breaks the silence.

“Women are manipulating you”, “Grow some balls and become an Alpha Male”, “Be strong and assertive with women”.  These provocatively titled videos are a huge hit on social media platforms, racking up hundreds of thousands of views. This cyber-investigation styled documentary film explores the underpinnings of male supremacist networks on and offline, in order to expose their dangers. Journalist Pierre Gault infiltrated forums, Telegram, WhatsApp groups and private conversations. Normalization of sexual assaults, incitement to rape, misogynistic remarks but also racism and harassment…his dive into the heart of masculinist communities is disturbing and reveals a toxic culture of hatred towards women.

Genre: documentaries, feature-length

Format: 1x52'

Original title: Mascus, les hommes qui détestent les femmes

Directed by: Pierre Gault

Written by: Pierre Gault

Produced by: Everprod (Amandine Chambelland et Yoan Zerbit)

Original Broadcasters: France Télévisions

Year of production: 2024

International Sales: Federation Studios

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