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Match#664, Love Under Algorithm

A deep dive into the world of dating sites Adapted from the striking investigation by journalist Judith Duportail

As any other millennial would be inclined to do, Judith Duportail turned to Tinder to meet potential partners after a breakup. While using the app for four years, the journalist became determined to find out her « attractiveness score », and to do what all Tinder users dream of doing: she collected all her personal data the app had mined about her. All her matches, rejects, attempts and failures.

The 802 pages of data she was able to obtain allowed her to understand the inner workings of Tinder and how the application impacted her love and sex life.

Her investigation made the rounds throughout European media outlets, with articles and appearances in The Times, Le Soir, France Inter, Vice…

Genre: documentaries, one-offs

Format: 1×52′

Directed by: Jérome Clement-Wilz

Produced by: Federation Studios, Myriam Weil

Original Broadcasters: France 2

Year of production: 2020-2021

International Sales: Federation

Festivals & awards: Nominated at the Prix de la Création Musicale 2023.

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