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Monster Shaker

Epic adventure comedy – a childhood dream come true – adapted from exciting books by Mr. Tan & Mathilde Domecq published by Gallimard.

Nine-year-old Justin winds up with a magic shaker that he can use to make tons of crazy monsters with awesome powers.
At first, the boy sees the Monster Shakers as a good solution for fulfilling his desires or solving problems. But before long, he finds out the hard way that its magic clashes with reality, creating some pretty tricky situations!
Justin and his older sister Gwen have to work as a team to try and patch up the damage created by the Shaker’s monsters, while keeping the object hidden: this Monster Shaker MUST remain “Top Secret” no matter what!

Genre: animation, kids

Format: 52x11'

Original title: Shaker Monster

Created by: Mr. Tan & Mathilde Domecq

Directed by: David Garcia

Written by: Mr. Tan, Mathilde Domecq

Produced by: GO-N Productions, DeAPlaneta Kids & Family, UMEDIA Production

Original Broadcasters: M6/Gulli

Language: English, French

Year of production: 2024

International Sales: Federation, DeAPlaneta Kids & Family

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