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Now 2 seasons

The new series by acclaimed director Fabrice Gobert (Les Revenants)

MYTHO centers on a loving and caring wife, who finds herself on the edge of a major burnout. Managing both her unsatisfying work and her large family is slowly driving Elvira out of her mind. Soon, she begins suspecting her husband of having an affair. On a whim, she pretends that she is sick. It is a small white lie which will have huge consequences, for better and worse…

Genre: drama, series-drama

Format: 12x52'

Directed by: Fabrice Gobert

Written by: Anne Berest and Fabrice Gobert

Produced by: Unité de Production (Bruno Nahon)

Original Broadcasters: Arte, Netflix

Cast: Marina Hands, Mathieu Demy

Language: French

Year of production: 2019

International Sales: Federation

Format rights: Available

Festivals & awards: 2 awards at Series Mania 2019: Best Actress for Marina Hands & Prix du Public. Best 52′ series of 2020 – ACS (Association de critiques de séries) Rockie Awards – Best Comedy Series – BANFF World Media Festival 2020

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