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No Wheel To Die

No wheel to die is the tale of an ordinary man who achieves the extraordinary.

An immersive cinematographic experience; A very ambitious and challenging ride, led by a crew of 4 with 3 cameras, along 2600 km.

Alone on his bike, Jean-Luc Perez is about to cross France through a 2600 kilometers track. Jean-Luc’s goal is to beat the record in less than five days, which implies never stopping or sleeping. What kind of fascination pushes a 48-year-old man, family man and teacher at the famous Louis le Grand high school in Paris, to ride through entire countries, restless and sleepless? Is it existential for a physics and chemistry teacher to live the contraction of space and time in his flesh and bones?

“This guy is a force of nature disguised as a person” L’équipe

 “One of the best ultra-distance cyclist”, Le Parisien

Genre: documentaries, feature-length

Format: 90'

Directed by: Timothée Catherine

Produced by: Bastille Films and Les Films de Catherine

Language: French

Year of production: 2021

International Sales: Federation

Festivals & awards: Winner of Special Prize at the Paladino d'Oro 2022. Nominated at the Montreal Independent Film Festival. Nominated at the American French Film Festival. Nominated for Best Webdoc at the Festival TV de Luchon.

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