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Paris. 15th April 2019. 6.56p.m. The cathedral of Notre-Dame is on fire. A spectacular fire that the Paris Fire Brigade must put out, whatever it takes. Ordinary people’s lives will be changed forever as their paths and destinies cross. Tonight will alter their future and turn out to be one of the most significant of their lives. Men, women, young and old will become the unsung heroes.

Genre: drama

Format: 6x48’

Original title: Notre-Dame, la part du feu

Directed by: Hervé Hadmar

Written by: Hervé Hadmar and Olivier Bocquet

Produced by: Cheyenne Federation

Original Broadcasters: Netflix

Cast: Roschdy Zem, Caroline Proust, Megan Northam, Simon Abkarian, Alice Isaaz, Sandor Funtek, Marie Zabukovec

Language: French

Year of production: 2021

International Sales: Netflix

Festivals & awards: Festival de la fiction de La Rochelle (Fictions évènements – clôture)

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