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Out of the Woods

A story of two mothers tearing each other apart, in a guilt that voraciously consumes them.

A gripping and suspenseful one-off, from the creators of hit series Deadly Tropics.

Inès has been found innocent of the accident that caused the death of Raphaël, aged 12 years, 7 months and 11 days. That’s the age of her own son Théo today, and she’s convinced that Lucie, Raphaël’s mother, will take revenge on him. Is this intuition or paranoia? In order to protect him, she hides him away in the forest whilst she confronts the mother of her victim…

Genre: drama, movies

Format: 1x90'

Original title: 12 ans, 7 mois, 11 jours

Directed by: Alexandre Coffre

Written by: Alexandre Coffre, Monica Rattazzi

Produced by: Federation Studios, Wanda Productions

Original Broadcasters: France Televisions

Cast: Julie Gayet, Marie Denarnaud, Mhamed Arezki

Language: French

Year of production: 2022

International Sales: Federation

Format rights: No

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