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The story of four friends – Bilal, Romane, Samuel and Victor – whose lives are turned upside down when a mysterious event separates them and propels them into parallel dimensions. They will do everything they can to understand what happened and try to go back to their “world before”.

Genre: drama

Format: 6 x 45'

Directed by: Benjamin Rocher, Jean-Baptiste Saurel

Written by: Quoc Dang Tran and Anastasia Heinzl

Produced by: Empreinte Digitale and Daïmôn Films

Original Broadcasters: DISNEY+

Cast: Thomas Chomel, Omar Mebrouk, Jules Houplain, Jade Pedri, Naidra Ayadi, Guillaume Labbé, Gil Alma, Elise Diamant, Dimitri Storoge, Agnès Miguras, Maxime Bergeron, Victoria Eber and Timoté Rigault.

Language: French

Year of production: 2022

Festivals & awards: Official Selection – Special Screening – Séries Mania 2022

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