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Peter Doherty: Stranger in my Own Skin

An intimate portrait of the most iconic musician and artist of its generation.

Discover British punk singer-songwriter and Libertines’ legendary front man, Peter Doherty, as he plunges into the depths of addiction at the very height of his popularity. Over a period of 10 years, Peter Doherty was intimately filmed by director-musician Katia deVidas. We experience, in the artist’s own words, Doherty’s moving and emotionally charged fight to overcome his demons and emerge from darkness back into the light.

Genre: documentaries

Format: 90

Directed by: Katia deVidas

Written by: Katia deVidas & Fernanda Rossi. From an original idea by Christian Fevret

Produced by: Wendy Productions, Federation

Original Broadcasters: 

Language: English

Year of production: 2023

International Sales: Federation

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