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Present Perfect

The joy of giving, the dread of receiving.

Ah, gifts… those objects that reveal so much – perhaps too much – about us!
This year, siblings Charlotte, Julie, and Jérôme will experience a whirlwind of surprises at the upcoming family gathering. Charlotte, the hardened singleton who despises gifts, finds herself bombarded with presents that seem to scream “find someone!” Julie, the “wise” eldest of the family, wonders if her husband will ever manage to give her the perfect gift… and not another shoulder-padded sweater. Meanwhile, Jérôme, who is in the throes of discovering the joys of love, realizes that the worst gift is yet to come.

Genre: cinema


Original title: Les Cadeaux

Directed by: Raphaële Moussafir with the collaboration of Christophe Offenstein

Written by: Raphaële Moussafir (Just to be Sure, The Dandelions) and Stéphane Kazandjian

Produced by: Karé Productions (The President's wife, The Young Lovers, The sense of family)

Original Broadcasters: Warner Bros. Pictures

French release: Warner Bros. Pictures

Cast: Chantal Lauby (Serial Bad Wedding, The Gilded Cage) Gérard Darmon (King, Asterix&Obelix: Mission Cleopatra), Camille Lellouche (Planetarium), Melanie Doutey, Vanessa Guide, Gringe and Max Boublil

Language: French

Year of production: 2024

International Sales: Ginger & Fed

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