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Kasparov vs. Deep Blue – The Brain’s last stand.

25 years before the current debates about artificial intelligence, there was the original true story of the high-pressured confrontation between man and machine.

Inspired by true events, Rematch is a psychological thriller, about the 1997 historic confrontation between Garry Kasparov, the greatest chess player of all time, and IBM’s supercomputer, Deep Blue. Two brains, face to face. A man against an empire.This human vs. machine battle will forever change the perception of artificial intelligence.

Genre: drama, mini-series

Format: 6x52'

Original title: Rematch

Directed by: Yan England

Written by: André Gulluni & Yan England

Produced by: Unité (Bruno Nahon) en coproduction avec ARTE France

Original Broadcasters: ARTE, HBO, Disney+

Cast: Christian COOKE (The promise), Sarah BOLGER (The Tudors), Tom AUSTEN (The Royals), Trine Dyrholm (The Legacy), Aidan Quinn (Elementary), Luke Pascalino (Skins), Orion Lee (First Cow)

Language: English

Year of production: 2024

International Sales: Federation Studios

Festivals & awards: Series Mania 2024 - Grand Prize laureat, International Competition

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