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Riviera Revenge

For François, it’s never too late for a divorce, even if he is 73 ! A comedy of reconciliation.

François Marsault is a former military man who is making the most of his retirement alongside his wife Annie, the only person who seems to be able to put up with his foul temper and demands! Authoritarian, and uncompromising, he rules his family with an iron fist. When he discovers that his wife, who he always held in high esteem, cheated on him 40 years ago, he sees only one solution: to file for divorce and confront her former lover who now lives in Nice. But at 73 years old, and after 50 years of marriage, is this really a good move? And wouldn’t this risk blowing up the already fragile family balance ?

Genre: cinema


Original title: N'avoue jamais

Directed by: Ivan Calbérac

Written by: Ivan Calbérac

Produced by: NAC (Antoine PEZET et Jérôme CORCOS) et Mizar Films (Nicolas Mauvernay)

French release: 


Language: French

International Sales: Ginger & Fed

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