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The Roots of Evil

A few years since the collapse of the Berlin wall, two cops from either side join forces to crack a gruesome case involving a mysterious serial killer in this edge-of-your seat portrayal of post-reunification Germany.

Featuring Dogs of Berlin star Fahri Yardim and rising German star Henriette Confurius.

1993, East Germany. The weirdly mutilated corpse of a young girl which has been covered in Germanic rune symbols, is discovered on a bed of flowering branches near the town of Wussnitz. The unusual case is assigned to Inspector Ulrike Bandow and Koray Larssen, her new colleague coming from West Germany. Diving into Germany’s recent past, they stumble upon a bizarre series of murders that were never resolved. Both are convinced that the same killer has returned to the place where it all began. A race against the clock ensues, where the investigators, in order to find the serial killer, must learn to trust each other. But that’s not an easy task when Larssen has an agenda of his own and Ulrike’s personal guilt leads her into a deep abyss that she never wanted to revisit…

Genre: drama, mini-series

Format: 6x45'

Original title: Die Quellen des Bösen

Directed by: Stephan Rick

Written by: Catharina Junk, Elke Schuch

Produced by: Wüste Medien

Original Broadcasters: RTL + Deutschland

Cast: Fahri Yardim, Henriette Confurius, Angelina Häntsch

Language: German

Year of production: 2022

International Sales: Federation

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