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Adolescence is a tragedy. Yet, thinking about it, it's also a comedy. So, to tell the story of adolescence, why not rely on the greatest playwright of all time?

The latest young adult Italian sensation series.

In this series, Thomas, our Othello, is no longer the brave leader of the Venetian army, but the unflappable leader of a Parkour crew. By his side, we find the good-humoured Michele and the quick-witted Gaia. They all get along well, until they meet Beatrice Virgili, the most beautiful girl in school, who both Thomas and Gaia end up falling for. When an intense romance develops between Beatrice and Thomas, Gaia, struck with envy towards her friend, hatches a meticulous plan to separate the two lovers. Gaia’s underhanded persuasion tactics take effect and Thomas’ insecurities erupt into a blind jealousy that ends up destroying his love for Beatrice and his friendship with Michele. In a season finale where no one comes out on top, the real tragedy for the protagonists is their awareness of adulthood and their sense of disenchantment whilst also having the opportunity to investigate their own frailties, work through their mistakes or, simply grow up!

Genre: drama, mini-series

Format: 8x26

Directed by: Giulia Gandini

Written by: Carolina Cavalli, Gianluca Bernardini, Caterina Salvadori

Produced by: Lucky Red

Original Broadcasters: RAI Fiction

Cast: Jason Derek Prempeh, Giulia Fazzini, Giada Di Palma

Language: Italian

Year of production: 2022

International Sales: Federation

Format rights: Available

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