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Son Of

An urban tragedy set in Brussels’ modern criminal underworld.

An original soundtrack led by Belgium’s contemporary hip-hop artists.

By the director of Undercover (Netflix).

Franck Pistone, a gangster and father, has been on the run for 17 years after pulling off the biggest heist of the century.  He decides to return home to make amends with his children because he knows that the end is near. However, this sets in motion a dangerous treasure hunt for a stash of diamonds in one of the most hostile urban jungles in the world: Brussels.

Genre: drama, mini-series

Format: 8x45’

Directed by: Frank Devos

Written by: Antoine Negrevergne

Produced by: AT Productions, RTBF, Helia Pictures

Original Broadcasters: RTBF

Additional coproduction and partners: ScreenBrussels, ScreenFlanders, CasaKafka Pictures, Proximus, Film Fund Luxembourg

Cast: Béatrice Dalle, Camille Pistone, Salim Talbi, Mara Taquin, Serge Marka Van Laeken, Bwanga Pili Pili, N’Landu Lubansu, Isha Pili Pili

Language: French

Year of production: 2021

International Sales: Federation

Format rights: Available

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