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The Girl from Oslo

Pia, A Norwegian young tourist and two young Israeli brother and sister, are kidnapped in Sinai by ISIS. In exchange for their lives, the terror organization demands the release of terrorists imprisoned in Israel and Norway. If the prisoners are not released– the hostages will be executed.Both the Israeli and Norwegian governments oppose cutting a deal with ISIS.

Both the Israeli and Norwegian governments oppose cutting a deal with ISIS.

1993. 26 years ago, behind the scenes of talks that led to the Oslo Accords, three people from separate worlds met outside the negotiation rooms: Arik, a married low-grade bureaucrat in the Israeli delegation; Norwegian Alex, working at the FAFO institute that set up the talks; and Palestinian Leila came on as translator with the Palestinian representatives. They spent most of their time waiting outside the conference room, and during those strange days, so far away from home, the initial wariness between the three turned into friendship. A charged love story formed between Alex and Arik. Just as the agreement was signed, they each returned to their own lives and parted ways. Arik didn’t even know Alex was pregnant with Pia. She quickly married Karl and hoped her big secret wouldn’t be exposed.

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Crazy with worry, Alex arrives and tells Arik, now a senior Israeli minister, that the kidnapped Norwegian girl is actually his daughter. Now Arik will have to risk everything to save the daughter he never about.

Far away, in Norway, Karl will try to release the terrorist arrested in Norway to exchange with the kidnaped girl that he raised as his own daughter.

Genre: drama

Format: 10x34'

Original title: Bortfort

Created by: Ronit Weiss-Berkowitz & Kyrre Holm Johannessen

Directed by: Uri Barbash & Stian Kristiansen

Produced by: Drama Team (Chaim Sharir, Mosh Danon) & Monster Scripted (Hakon Briseid, Lasse Greve, Brede Hovland)

Original Broadcasters: Netflix, Hot, TV2

Cast: Amos Tamam, Anneke von der Lippe, Andrea Berntze, Shadi Mar'I, Raida Adon, Daniel Litman, Shira Yosef, Anders T. Andersen

Language: English, Hebrew, Norwegian, Arabic

Year of production: 2021

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