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The Kersten Case: Himmler’s enigmatic doctor

Hero or imposter! Who was the real Dr. Felix Kersten?

Felix Kersten was Heinrich Himmler’s personal masseur-physiotherapist during World War Two. He is said to be the only one to relieve him of his tensions and stress and he used the influence he had over him to save tens of thousands prisonners from concentration camps. However, 70 years after the facts, new elements brought by german and finnish historians suggest he might have invented the story all together. Felix Kersten, savior or impostor?

Genre: documentaries, series

Format: 1x52' or 1x90'

Directed by: Franck Guerin

Produced by: KMBO Production (Vladimir Kokh) & Les Films de l'Arlequin (Marie Van Glabeke)

Original Broadcasters: CANAL+

Language: French, English, Finnish, German, Dutch and Swedish.

Year of production: 2024

International Sales: Federation Studios

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