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Kim Kardashian Theory

Kim Kardashian: Loved, hated, and relentlessly imitated. To understand who we are as a society, we take a unique and hilarious deep dive into the most iconic popular culture phenomenon of all time.

Socialite, entrepreneur, influencer, cultural royalty… Kim Kardashian crosses multiple worlds from people to politics. But there is still one world she has yet to be defined by: the global social phenomenon that is just…HER. Because never before has anyone generated this level of cultural gravity. For the first time, we take a modern, deep-dive into this unique icon, not as mere human being, but as fact, a total social “fact,” an element in the zeitgeist as real as any on the periodic table.

Genre: documentaries, one-offs

Format: 1x52'

Directed by: Nesrine Slaoui, Guillaume Erner

Written by: Nesrine Slaoui, Guillaume Erner

Produced by: Federation Studio France - Myriam Weil

Original Broadcasters: ARTE

Year of production: 2023

International Sales: Federation

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