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The Vatican : The State of the Church

A captivating investigation into the pinnacle of Catholicism, and how incessant scandals and an ever changing society have rocked its foundations and weakened its power.

4 years of investigation, 45+ interviewees, 10+ nationalities and exclusive access to the highest echelons of the Holy See.

Poetically and subtly personal, The Vatican tells the sotires of people who have loyally served the Roman Catholic church their whole lives. From high-ranking cardinals heading major departments in Vatican City to local servants of God. From powerful untouchables to outcasts of the organization.

Genre: documentaries, series

Format: 6×52′

Directed by: Kat Steppe

Written by: Rik Torfs and Jo Badisco

Produced by: Panenka (Kato Maes and Kristoffel Mertens)

Original Broadcasters: VRT

Language: French, English, German, Italian

Year of production: 2023

International Sales: Federation Studios

Festivals & awards: Winner of the Best Pitch Award CONNeXT 2019 / In competition at Series Mania 2024

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