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Theodosia S2

Season two coming soon.

By the producers of Find Me in Paris.

From the best-selling book series by Robin L. LaFevers.

It’s been six months since Theo and the gang pushed Aapep back under the Great Pyramid and threw away the key. That should’ve been enough adventure to last a lifetime but this is Theodosia Throckmorton and trouble stalks her like a vengeful mummy. This time she’s on a perilous voyage down the Nile in search of the secret oasis where magic was born.

Genre: kids, live-action

Format: 26x26'

Directed by: Alexander Jacob, Leila Smith and Matt Bloom

Produced by: Cottonwood Media

Original Broadcasters: ZDF, BBC (Season 2)

Additional coproduction and partners: ZDF and ZDF Studios with the support of Creative Europe Media Programme of the European Union

Cast: Eloise Caruthers-Little, Frankie Minchella, Nana Agyeman-Bediako

Language: English

Year of production: 2023

International Sales: Federation Kids & Family

Format rights: Available

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