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A fresh and new adaptation of the cult comic series, smart and full of heart.

Tootuff is that self same troublesome 10 year-old with the lock of unruly blond hair. He is still driving his parents crazy – not to mention his teachers and friends…and he’s still hanging out with his gang of best buddies. But here comes the scoop : Tootuff’s former dream girl, Nadia now has some serious competition. The lovely Ramatou, a young refugee from a foreign land is their new classmate, and Tootuff is far from immune to her innocence and charm… Our favorite troublemaking practical joker is growing up, falling in love and fast becoming a pre-teen…

Genre: animation, kids

Format: 75x7' + 1x22'

Original title: Titeuf

Directed by: David Garcia

Written by: Zep

Produced by: GO-N Productions

Original Broadcasters: France Televisions, Canal J

Language: French

Year of production: 2015

International Sales: Federation

Festivals & awards: Selected at Shanghai TV Festival 2016

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