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The first 72 hours are all that counts.

Season 2 – 6 episodes coming soon

A former lawbreaker, Castaneda is also a loving father with a somewhat headstrong personality, who hasn’t always walked on the right side of life. But these days he has only one goal: to give his daughter the very best he can.  To achieve that, he takes odd jobs and does everything in his power to conform to society’s norms. But things take a turn when his daughter goes missing and he is prepared to do whatever it takes to find her. When someone disappears, the first few hours are critical, but the police stations are understaffed… So, Castaneda decides to take matters into his own hands, and investigate himself with the help of other individuals, normal everyday people without any diplomas, or privileged backgrounds, who are just willing to scour the countryside to track down the kidnapper.

Anti-system, resourceful, and very much in touch with the people, what if it turns out that Castaneda and his team are better placed to find her?

Genre: drama, series-drama

Format: 4x52'

Original title: Brigade Anonyme

Directed by: Julien Séri

Written by: Déborah Hadjedj-Jarmon, Bruno Lecigne, Florian Spitzer

Produced by: Bonne Pioche Story

Original Broadcasters: M6

Cast: Éric Cantona, Arié Elmaleh, Marilyn Lima, Myriam Boyer, Célia Lebrument, Helena Noguerra

Language: French

Year of production: 2022

International Sales: Federation

Format rights: Available

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