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Wall of Death Gypsy

Experience the thrill of a lifetime with the fearless gypsy stunt riders of the Wall of Death.

Each year, when spring comes around, the Werdyn family gets ready to go on tour. They are as excited as they are stressed due to the inherent danger of their trade. And the truth is they never know if this is going to be their last… But then again, when you perform in a show called the Wall of Death Gypsy, you expect as much. Somewhere in the South of France, Kristofe, their leader, gets them ready for a truly unforgettable journey that will push the limits of fear and bravery.

Genre: documentaries, one-offs

Format: 1x70'

Directed by: Didier Canaux

Written by: Aurore Aubin & Didier Canaux

Produced by: Empreinte Digitale - Joachim Landau & Isabelle Dagnac

Original Broadcasters: France Televisions

Language: French

International Sales: Federation

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