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We Are Legend

#1 on Prime Video Italia

A coming-of-age series that combines drama, action, and humor, that also challenges the standards of young adult tales of superheroes.

The new series from the team behind Time After Time and Netflix hit Baby.

Adolescence is a big mess. Mean schoolmates, unrequited loves, parents who don’t understand you anymore, and every certainty you had up until then is swept away by the fear and the desire to grow up.

Sometimes you wished you had superpowers to survive your teenage years. Well, now you do. But things aren’t much better, right? We Are Legend is the story of a group of kids with huge problems and immense powers. Powers that can be traced back to their own fears and deepest desires. Powers capable of turning their lives upside down, forcing them face their limits, their wishes, their responsibilities.

And then nothing will be like it was before.

Genre: drama, mini-series

Format: 12x50'

Original title: Noi Siamo Legenda

Directed by: Carmine Elia

Written by: Valerio D’annunzio, Paolo Teracciano, Francesca Scialanca, Costanza Durante, Laura Grimaldi, Marco Tosti

Produced by: Fabula Pictures

Original Broadcasters: Rai 2 & Amazon Prime

Cast: Claudia Pandolfi, Ettore Bassi, Antonia Liskova

Language: Italian

Year of production: 2022

International Sales: Federation

Format rights: Available

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